PDT treatment acne how long can see the effect

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a safe and effective noninvasive treatment developed in recent years.

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Compared with traditional therapy, photodynamic therapy for the vast majority of people, the effect of reliable, small tissue damage, no significant and long-term adverse reactions were found. And its operation is simple, affordable, easy for most patients to accept. Photodynamic therapy as a new treatment for acne, with a wide range of prospects.

PDT photodynamic therapy is the main light source is blue (423nm) and red (640nm).

The blue light , to achieve bactericidal effect. At the same time, blue light can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria . But its skin permeability is poor.

Red light can penetrate deeper tissue. In the skin that the light scattering rate is high, the depth of treatment of red light can still reach 1-3mm, blue light can only act on the epidermis.

Therefore, the red light can be used to treat deep in the acne lesions, epidermal carcinoma, warts, psoriasis and other treatment.

In addition, 640nm light (red light) can stimulate macrophages to release cytokines, and secondary to promote the proliferation of Chen fiber cells and growth factors to achieve the role of anti-inflammatory and repair.

Daily protective measures after photodynamic therapy

1, photodynamic therapy to the special facial skin moisturizing and cold compress, can significantly alleviate the dry and red and a series of adverse reactions.

2, pay attention to avoid sunscreen, especially after the end of nursing within 48 hours.