Best treatment for microdermabrasion equipment

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As we know the microdermabrasion equipment is very popular,the dermabrasion systems can be divided into those that use diamond tips and those that use other exfoliating crystals. In this article, we will mainly review diamond tipped microdermabrasion machines. If you are interested in non-diamond tipped machines, feel free to browse other articles on this site, including the series on microneedling treatments.


The dermabrasion tips of these machines are etched with tiny diamond chips. Diamond microdermabrasion systems offer the strongest dermabrasion. Be prepared to pay more upfront for a diamond based system. That said, you will save on tip and crystal refill costs because diamond tips generally do not require regular replacements or refills. If you are serious about getting a deep dermabrasion or want to fade blemishes like light scars, then diamond systems are the ones to go for.

Such machines (some are simply portable hand-held kits) come in a wide variety with many different types of exfoliating crystals – Aluminum Oxide is one that is commonly used. While they don’t offer as strong a dermabrasion as their diamond-tipped cousins, these machines generally have the advantage of being less expensive upfront and are more portable.

It will bring best treatment for microdermabrasion.