What is semi permanent make up technology

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Do you want a defined eyebrow.  Do you like a perfect eyeliner? Would you like a perfect lipstickļ¼Ÿ

Here i 'd like to show you an amazing kit:permanent make up equipment kits, which mak all of your imagination come true.    

What is semi permanent make up technology?It is comestic impantion of pigment in the upper layer of the dermis. This makeup can keeping 18 to 24 months. It will accentuate your facial feacture in a way that looks absolutely natural.  Generally is can be last about 2 years, except you tend to swet a lot, it will fade quiker.

The permanent make up equipment application:

lip tattooing(out line and full line)

eyebrow tattooing (can make very thin)

eyeliner tattooing

Areola tattooing


The advatage:

First, it won't be wash off for ever. As its name, it's a Kind of permanent make up,which will save your putting on make up time.

Second,After use it, you will never worry about your veyeliner and lipliner again,becuse it's perfect placed(or tattooed)As long As you use a trained professional.

Third, generally, if you use some proucts incorrectly, the make up will be harmful to your skin,but if you use the permnent make up ,it will protect you from the allergies.