What is HIFU treatment for the face

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HIFU Treatment For Face Machine: HI360

HIFU, High-intensity focused ultrasound, treatment is a new technology that do not need to cut the skin, do not need to puncture to kill the tumor in vivo , also known as "non-invasive surgery."

Hifu face lifting machine HI360 is for 360 °skin beauty care. 

It is one of the most powerful multi-application safe face lifting machine on the market. 

It provides complete and advanced body care treatment such as nose wrinkle, face lift, eyes wrinkle lifting, skin tighten etc.

Its treatment parts include bunny line, forehead line, eyebrow lift, crow's feet, neck wrinkle, frown lines.



1. Around nose 360 degree wrinkle skin problems solve

2. Remove wrinkles on around forehead, eyes, mouth, etc.

3. Lifting and tightening both cheeks skin.

4. Improving skin elasticity and shaping contour.

5. Improving jaw line, reducing "marionette lines"

6. Tightening the skin tissue on forehead, lifting the eyebrows lines.

7. Removing neck wrinkles, protecting neck aging.



1. 360°face lift treatment.

2. No surgery. overcome the risk of infection of the surgical method.

3. Quick recovery, no down time.

4. It is easy and convenient for operation.

5. Each HIFU transducer has 10000 shots.