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Tattoo damage and treatment that most people don’t know


The essence of the tattoos is the ink is injected into the skin dermis with a needle, change the skin's pigment, to create any image you can want, but to some extent, there is a healthy risk about tattoo, Including pain, itching, swelling, skin infection

Do you know the application of extracorporeal shock wave


The shock wave is called the extracorporeal shock wave.They can be hydraulic, electromagnetic, piezoelectric or pneumatic ballistic. Mainly according to the difference of the shape of the radial and the spread of vibration wave propagation.

Derma roller Skin-Needling


Derma roller Skin-Needling is a small tool used to treat a variety of skin problems, such as acne scars, changing skin color and texture, sunburn or skin aging and wrinkles of the face and so on. All can be solved.

The kinds of shock wave


The kinds of shock wave
1. Electrohydraulic Shock Wave (Spark Gap Method)
2. Electromagnetic shock wave(EMSG)
3.Piezoelectronic shock wave
4. Radial or ballistic pressure wave or Ballistic Pressure Wave

Oxygen jet peel make you stay in the 21-year-old forever


Have you ever thought about removing dead cells from the surface of skin? Reduce pore size and blemishes? Or stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, stay in 21-year-old forever? And ever thought that one day this will truly happen to you? Sounds craz

How to choose good derma roller


Derma roller is the easy and effective way to make face lifting, however, if we chose the bad quality roller which will damage skin, how to chose the good roller?
1. Materials
2. Needle Thickness
3. Needle arrangement
4. Detachable Roller Head
5. Pro

Pneumatic Ballistic type low Energy Shock Wave


Pneumatic Ballistic type low Energy Shock Wave pulse energy divergent spread within the organization, no direct damage on the muscles and the tissues, the shock wave energy can reach to 3 to 4 cm depth (the latest machines can reach to 6 cm), can treat mo

The best solution to help you solve the the obesity


The average waist circumference of the children,teenagers and adults around the world is bigger year by year. According to the obesity statistics of America, in 2008, 66% of the US people are overweight and about 31% of American adults were recorded as ob

Is SHR hair removal technology safe?


Due to the influence of hormones, usually, some friends’ body surface will have a lot of body hair, which always affect the beauty of image. So people are looking for an effective method to improve our skin beauty. Now many people choose SHR hair removal

uncover the veil of RF


RF has been applied to dermatology for more than ten years, which is a popular way to tighten face and body. RF energy is delivered to the deep dermis and sub-dermis layer of the skin, causing collagen contraction by heating the dermis. As time goes on, n

Our antifreeze membrane with the features


As people's living conditions get better and better, Obesity is increasingly become a hot topic. Coming along with the advanced technology for losing weight, just like the cavitation, lipolaser and cryolipolysis. For the more advanced, cryolipolysis tech

The effect of the Laser Hair Removal


Thick hair usually brings us inconvenience in our lives. Now laser hair removal technology is very popular Latin America. So how about the effect of the laser hair removal ?

Do you know the frequency of the RF


As we know, RF therapy can not only tighten the skin, but also can promote fat burning to achieve weight loss results, this because RF devices are working in a particular frequency range. Manufacturers will not allow customers to adjust the frequency data

Shockwave relieves joint pain without surgery and injections


The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues. Shockwaves are characterized by jump change in pressure, high amplitude and non-periodicity. The kinetic energy of the projectile, created by compresse

About tattoo removal?


People often ask us, “can you remove my tattoo?” The question is so straightforward - and rightfully so.They want to know if we can help them.It's often tempting to go into detail on the physics and biology involved in laser tattoo remova

ipl hair removal What are the benefits compared to the traditional?


Treatments like waxing, electrolysis and even daily shaving can be time consuming and painful, and can often leading to irritation of the skin.Waxing and electrolysis are both painful and arduous, and many patients can struggle to accept them.IPL technol

Do you want to lift face and slim body at home?


Today I want to recommend you one face lifting and slimming machine for home use, which is easy to operate, and the safe method to make face lifting and slimming in short time, at the same time, its price is only USD200.

The advantages of Shock wave machine from HC beauty


Now, the market has so many shock waving machine, such as vertical machine and portable machine, even different energy machine. But how to choose the best suitable machine for ourselves, it need us think it over carefully.

Advantages of the latest cryolipolysis slimming machine ETG15-4


In our modern society, every day in the event of a change. Just like ourselves, we can not rest on its laurels. Because everyone in the study, are in progress, in innovation. Before have a saying that: backward will be beaten. Now behind will be eliminate

The difference between 808nm laser hair removal machine and ipl shr


There are different hair removal machines in the market,including IPL,SHR and the 808nm laser which is new technology , at the same time the 808nm machine is at high price. Some customers ask what is the difference between 808nm and IPL,SHR? The answer is

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