Breast enhancement equipment with photon skin M7 is a 10 in 1 beauty machine. It is the combination of is heart rate testing monitorsyatem, photon & BIO electric handle, LED phoyomodulation mask, COSCO IR nipple rejuvenation system, heat & cibration handle, vacuum move fat handle, breast cup, synchronous rhythm of heart rate, radio frequency thermal system and multimedia system MP4.

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220-230V, 50-60 Hz 100-120V, 50-60 Hz


200 W


0-100 Kpa


100-930 nm

 Breast enhancement equipment advantages:

1.Breast enlargement,breast beauty.

2. Vacuum handle, breast suction,for unshape breast.Vacuum cupping,breast enlargement,suck and release.

3. Micro current + LED light handle,breast massage,shaping breast.

4. Magnetic vibration+ red light handle,dissolve useless fat, breast massage.

5. Heart rate test + heart rate and breast cupping synchronously.for breast enlargement.

6. LED+infrared light cover,stimulate breast cell,accelerate blood ,nipple darken treatment.

7. 12 inch touch screen,multi media display,movie,music etc.

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Radio Frequency (New Technology)

-Core Technology-------Infrared video detection system breast(M11 proprietary technology)

-Core Technology-------video detection system detect such as breast fullness(M11 proprietary technology)

-Core Technology-------heart rate testing monitor system(M11 proprietary technology)

-Core Technology-------Electro-Stimulation system

-Core Technology-------LED P hotomodulation Mask

-Core Technology-------COSCO IR nipple rejuvenation system

-Core Technology-------Infrared heat activation system

-Core Technology-------Vacuum suction fat removal system

-Core Technology-------Rhythmic aerobic vacuum system

-Core Technology-------Synchronous rhythm of heart rate

-Core Technology-------Radio Frequency thermal system

-Big color touch-screen with multimedia,control and display treatment procedures.

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Disclaimer: Results may not be typical or expected for everybody. The information contained in this website for your reference.

Special electrodes are used to release a low frequency, low intensity current, usually which does not cause muscle contraction.

This particular current stimulates physiological nerve impulses to firm the tissues, associate LED green or red light to lift the breasts immediately.

It also stimulates the production of fibroblasts and firming breast muscle tissue with e-stimulation micro-current frequencies, and ionophoresising to promote product penetration with biological effects and speed up the lymph flow by main lymphatic draining channels, aiding the natural detoxifying process in the chest.

Increase blood circulation, activate lymphatic draining, and promote the growth of collagen, elastin and ATP, while the energy will enable cells in breast area to function properly.

breast enhancement equipment treatment chart

 Disclaimer: The actual effect varies from person to person 



With deep and pleasant impulses wrapping tissues from a superficial level down to muscle fibers as per program selected, this technology will increase muscular and tissue oxygenation in the chest area.

Electro-stimulation will convert fat tissue into energy for consumption, tone up back muslces and center the outward bust.

Electro massage can increase regeneration of cells and tissues and better elimination of toxins and metabolic exchange in the chest area in order to get breasts fit and healthy.

Sound Vacuum Vibration (New Technology)

The high frequency vacuum can massage the fibrous tissue, increase blood circulation and sensory nerve's transmission to the brain and contract muscles.

It can strengthen the breast elasticity, enchance bust development, improve the breast shape.

Activates pituitary gland by means of a rubber sealing cushion, increases the strength and tone of this fibrous connective tissues thru the breast exercise.

Infrared B

The Infrared B Treatment offers a beneficial photo-biological effect to reduce the pigmentation.

Melanin-specific, high energy, infrared B successfully lightens or eliminates a variety of pigmented lesions.

Pigmented lesions are treatable on Nipple that are the tiny granules containing melanin inside the pigment cells.

 The results of Infrared B treatment depend on the depth of the melanin and the colour of the lesion, but are unpredictable.


Disclaimer: Results may not be typical or expected for everybody. The information contained in this website for your reference.