Shock waves therapy pneumatic treat all joints SW9

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy machine for plantar fasciitis SW9 is change a pneumatic pulse sound waves transformed into accurate ballistic shock compressed gas to produce energy ,through a physical medium to transmit the human body, it is use the bullet body drive inside the handle to pulse impact site of action on human pain has very good results. Common effects: improved blood circulation and accelerate bone healing and analgesic effects.

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Applications of shock wave therapy machine SW9: 

1.Plantar Fasciitis.


3.Inflammations and calcification of shoulder joint tendons.

4.Pain in the groin area.

5.Epicondylitis (Tennis and Golf Elbow).

6.Apex Patellae Syndrome and Tibial Stress Syndrome.

7.Pain in the hip area and/or the iliotibial tract.

8.Jumper's Knee (Patellar Tendinitis).

9.Pain in the hamstring insertions and palmar side of the wrist

10.Exostoses of small hand joints from Grade 1 Arthrosis.


12. Pain trigger-points or painful points in muscles.

13. Broken fat.

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Shock wave therapy machine SW9 Features:

1. Ingrowth of Neovascularization, Reversal of Chronic Inflammation, Stimulation of Collagen
2. Ballistic pneumatic shockwave with multiple tips on applicator
3. Max energy up to 4Bar and frequency up to 21Hz
4. Support continuous working mode and burst pulse mode
5. User can save settings and rename the settings.

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Shock Wave Therapy Machine SW9 Advantages:

1. High effectiveness,fast relieve pain.

2. Noninvasive,no anesthetic,convenient and fast.

3. Usually, each nursing only 20 minutes,5-10 nursing each session.

4. Widely applied to different soft tissue treatments.

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Shock Wave Therapy Machine SW9 Parameter:


Shock wave

Operating mode

Continuous/4/8/16 pulses

Power Levels / Energy

60 to 185 mJ(equivalent to 1-4bar)



Suggestion for treatment parts

Exceeds 25 preset treatment suggestion




52.5X53X95.5 CM(L/W/H)


23 kg (device only)

Power supply



Disclaimer: Results may not be typical or expected for everybody. The information contained in this website for your reference.

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Air press shockwave SW9 system uses the ballistic principle of shockwave generation: A pressure wave is formed via a projectile by using accelerated compressed air. The compressed air is generated by an electronically-controlled ballistic-pressure compressor. Using elastic impact, the kinetic energy of the projectile is transferred into the probe of the applicator and then into the client's body. Consequently, during the treatment, the end of the applicator must be in direct -contact with the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

shockwave is actually the material in the transmission of energy generated by some fluctuation,popular terms,It is a kind of intermittent mechanical wave,when the shock wave action in the human body,Will stimulate the body growth hormone,resulting in microvascular newborn,in order to promote tissue metabolism,promote the circulation of body fluid,At the same time, it has the function of relieving pain and repairing the tissue.but also on the fascia tendon lesions were treated.according to rapidly-moving projectile transfers its energy to tyeatment head .The radial shockwaves that are generated spread out and absorbed by the area of the body that has to be treated.

Air pressure system shockwave therapy machine treatment process



Disclaimer: Results may not be typical or expected for everybody. The information contained in this website for your reference.

Q. What frequency and pressure is this machine?

A. Frequency(1-21Hz)


Q. How many shocks does your equipment do before it needs to be serviced?

 A. 2,000,000 shots

Q. Can the energy go under 60mj?

A. 60-185mj

Q. What is the duration of each treatment?

A. Two miles shocks administered per session. It takes about 5 minutes.


Disclaimer: Results may not be typical or expected for everybody. The information contained in this website for your reference.